360 degree assessment

360 degree assessment is a method that allows the assessed person to be given multidimensional feedback. Most often, it is done through a questionnaire, filled in by the people from ones environment: employees, people of equal position and superiors (sometimes also by clients, business partners, etc.). The outcome of the assessment is presented directly by the person's superior and is usually considered while planning the individual development of the assessed person.

Worth to know

  • 360-degree assessment can be used in a situation, where an employee achieves good results and wants to develop further. Thanks to the assessment they will obtain additional information which can be a base for further development.
  • The assessment can be used on a group of talented employees within the organization.
  • The information gained from the assessment can be used in developmental activities undertaken with the employee for example in coaching
  • Implementation of the 360 assessment enriches the employee evaluation system, supports the development of the organization, and builds a culture of openness.
  • The evaluation’s results give the HR department additional information about the company’s developmental systems, employees’ resources, and their competentional deficits. This knowledge creates a basis for the building of developmental programs.
  • It is important for the company to be stable during implementation. Any organizational or staff changes disrupt the grading process.
  • The implementation of this assessment increases the openness of the employees for feedback. The perfect state of the company is a situation where it has a strongly developed feedback culture.
  • A well carried out 360-degree assessment process paints the HR department in a positive light. It also makes the company look better in its market environment.
  • The evaluation process is worth automating, with IT systems. It makes the management of the process easier.
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