Design L&D processes, which engage in change

A method and tools for blended learning design 

An innovative tool

for educators and instructional designers

Learning Battle Cards

What are the Learning Battle Cards?

The Learning Battle Cards are a method and tools for designing engaging and effective learning processes using the full potential of the blended learning methodology.

It is a pre-made set of tools for a team responsible for employee development and communication with stakeholders.

It is an irreplaceable tool of the modern L&D team.

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New content and features

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An innovative approach to L&D process design

Instructional design

Family of products which let you introduce design thinking like approach to instructional design space

Communication and sales

Visual oriented approach which will let you discuss and sell your idea to stakeholders


End-to-end framework which will let you train instructional design discipline

Examples of Implementation

Reminder of options

You can use LBC as a reminder. You can skim through the deck, sort cards out, and make good selection while thinking about learning process.

Eye-opener and brainstorming tool

You can use LBC during workshops and seminars focusing on width and depth of instructional environment. This is a very powerful eye-opener for all participants.

Inspiration during instructional design

You can use LBC as mind-flexor during designing instruction. LBC let’s you play an instructional design game around highly inspirational structure.

Learning process presentation tool

You can use LBC as a tool presenting the scope and structure of learning process. In this way you can provide perfect overview of every project – even the most sophisticated one.

LBC products

  • LBC deck

    Learning Battle Cards deck

    A deck of 110 LBC cards, each describing a development method in infographic form.

    The information on the cards make a conscious choice of a method for a particular task easier.

    It is also a tool for learning new methods.

  • LBC Canvas

    Learning Battle Cards Canvas

    Design canvas in the form of B2-sized paper sheets. LBC canvas contains areas representing key aspects of an L&D process.

    Their use allows to easily take care of the completion of a project in the design process.

  • LBC Maps

    LBC Maps

    LBC Maps in B2 sized poster form illustrate the connections between development methods.

    They are designed to look like a planetary system, there is the problem or issue in the center, the orbits which represent the different aspects of learning and nebulas representing the orietation toward different functions of learning.

    The maps are a tool of conscious project development

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