Content repository

A content repository is represented by the places on the network that allow for tapping into Internet resources structured and verified by appropriate people (content curators). They usually contain effective searching mechanisms allowing quick access to interesting items.

Worth to know

  • Content repositories are mostly used in professional situations which require efficient support in a workstation, which is why they usually are not mechanisms with the goal of building competencies but are built to react to current problems (access to procedure, use of assets e.g. pictures, which the employee can use while making a presentation, etc.).
  • There exist a lot of public content repositories, which contain specific kinds of content - for example, pre-made scripts in a specific programming language, templates for presentations or documents, illustrations, as well as audio and video clips. Some of these are paid repositories while others are free.
  • The sharing of “prefabs” in an organization allows for the retention of consistency and quality of contents made by the employees - for example, a repository of illustrations added by professionals who take care of the company's visual identity lowers the risk of the employees using low-quality illustrations while creating their presentations.
  • Content repositories allow the employees to save a lot of time. Instead of having to deal with problems on their own, they can quickly get solutions and use defined, checked, and described ways of dealing with those problems. Also the time it takes to reach information necessary for making decisions at a workstation can be significantly shortened thanks to mechanisms contained within a content repository.
  • Repositories can effectively support the processes of succession, inducting new employees into stations, and complement mentoring and intermentoring activities in companies.
  • Content repositories are a mechanism that strongly supports the building of standards of operation. Content contained in repositories is defined (should be defined) by the current state of things (parameters, specifications, mode of action, procedures, etc.), while at the same time supporting their propagation among the employees. These kinds of content can also constantly be modified (corrected), because the essence of using content repositories is not learning them by heart, but reaching for them in any situation which requires them.
  • Content repositories used for development allow for the message to be well-tailored to the needs of the developing person. The user of a repository looks for the content that interests them themselves and uses them at their own pace as well as in accordance with their own needs. It is an especially valuable mechanism in organizations that promote responsibility for an employees own development and stimulate the use of diverse methods of building competencies (which also contain free or paid content based on repository mechanisms).
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