Certification in the educational form is the formal confirmation of the acquired skills. Certification is usually awarded by the authorized, trusted body (the certification body) that verifies the acquisition of skills by a person certified in a certain way.
Certification can be in a paper form or online credentials available on platforms where issuers provide information about learners achievements who can share them on social networks.

Worth to know

  • Certificates give a concise and explicit grade of an employee’s competencies and a guarantee that the work is being done within clear standards. When the employer sees a potential employee’s certificate they have reliable information about their actual competencies.
  • Getting a professional certificate is an attractive form of professional growth. In a lot of companies (especially IT) sending an employee on a training course ending with them receiving a certificate is treated as a reward equivalent to a bonus.
  • Certifications give readability to a person’s qualifications on the job market, which is invaluable to employers so that they can have real insight and knowledge about a candidate’s abilities. Certification supports an employee’s mobility by giving them recognisability and showing their competence in many countries.
  • Certifications are a great tool used to increase the popularity of a certain standard or a set of skills on the market. It is a method often used by companies who promote their own approaches and tools for gaining knowledge.
  • An organization implementing their own certificate into the market creates an expectation of a specific standard of work offered by the certified people. If the certificate is not well thought out and allows incompetent people to slip through the certification process the reputation of the institution will fall and they can even have legal trouble.
  • Certification represents quite a meaningful value for a participant in the L&D process. It is an element that strongly motivates to work during a training course. A Certificate has quite a personal character, it is the property of the learner and can be very valuable to them especially if it is a certificate that is respected in the industry.
  • There are internet services specializing in sharing information about peoples’ competencies. They operate with terms such as badge and competencies.
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