Explanation is a form of oral or written statement clarifying an issue and describing the context of its occurrence or usage or relating to uncertainties arising from general statements that may make the recipient of a massage have doubts.
In the training function explanation often deepens the transfer of knowledge or represents its additional context (e.g. implementation context).

Worth to know

  • There are many terms and mechanisms in a lot of development processes, the understanding of which is key to the next part of the process and necessary for the process to succeed. In these situations, one should take care to prepare a good explanation. 
  • An explanation can be synchronous - for example during workshops. It can be made as training content, which explains the topic - for example, a video or animation that explains how a specific method works.
  • While working on an explanation one should keep in mind the group who is gonna receive it. Communicating in the recipient's language and adjusting the message so it fits with their level of knowledge and experience is key to success.
  • During an explanation, it is worth using multiple ways to make the message more accessible such as simplification, schematics, analogies, visualizations, and demonstrations.
  • A successful explanation leads to the “A-ha” effect or a big surge of satisfaction and happiness on the side of the learner.
  • An explanation is usually an attempt to bring light to something that was previously misunderstood. If there is such a possibility it is worth checking if the form used allowed the recipients to understand.
  • Graphical visualizations and animations are usually used during an explanation.
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