Coaching is an interactive process, in which two engaged sides - the coach and the client- focus on solving (not searching for a reason) a particular problem. The purpose of coaching is to search for people's strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. Most often, coaching is a one to one meeting of the client and the coach, aimed directly at job or life coaching.

Worth to know

  • Thanks to modern forms of audiovisual communication coaching can be realized in the form of online meetings. That allows for a significant decrease in costs, especially in situations where the participants are far away from each other.
  • While implementing coaching, the competencies, talents, and predispositions of employees are developed. Thanks to that they can more efficiently achieve set business goals. They become more effective.
  • One of the problems seen in practice is mistaking coaching with consulting, mentoring, or therapy. It is worth having a methodic order in terms of supporting others. These methods differ in the way a person works with their client (patient, coachee).
  • The implementation of coaching in an organization is made harder by a too expanded system of reporting, which endangers the rule of confidentiality, or the expectation of fast results, and not having clear rules relating to coaching.
  • The basis of the coaching process is the relation between the coach and coachee which is based on trust.
  • The coach in large part works with themselves, because of that their competencies and workshop are incredibly important. The key abilities of a coach are the ability to actively listen, facilitate the process, ask the right questions, deal with the client's emotions, and not judge them among other things. Other important things are an open approach, being client-oriented, and humility. 
  • The client’s faith is very important in the coaching process. It is a strong stimulation for the coachee to change and for them to face certain challenges.
  • The coaching process takes place between sessions when a coachee can experiment. The session is the moment when the process of building self-awareness by the coachee is stimulated.
  • It is important for the coach to receive regular supervision and take care of their own personal growth.
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