Animation is a form of dynamic presentation based on a rapid sequence of images that creates an illusion of movement. The educational purpose of animation is to present various types of processes, which allow to show cause-and-effect dependencies.

Worth to know

  • A good animation allows for the creation of a clear and understandable message based on complex and detailed data, it builds an expert image, connecting it to the ease of transfer.
  • Animation being a form of multimedia content can be used as a form of engagement on a website or on social media - it encourages the familiarisation of more complex content offered by an organization.
  • Animation is a form with a very high visual catchiness, it attracts and holds attention. 
  • Animations are suitable for the creation of so-called explainers, which explain complex concepts in simple forms.
  • Animation allows to show how to do something by using the step-by-step method.
  • A specific and relatively easy in production form of animation is the screencast. Which is the recording of what is happening on the screen (for example when realizing a particular task with the help of complex software). The recording of a person’s screen and voice does not require advanced technical abilities.
  • Animation can be relatively easily edited as a fragment of a larger video material.
  • It is worth hiring professional graphic designers and animators for the production of an animation. That will allow for it to have a good-looking and interesting graphic form.
  • The problem with this form of development can be the stereotypical view of animation as a form of entertainment, an association with cartoons, something childish and inappropriate for serious content.
  • There are services that provide pre-made templates for animation creation. They are intuitive, easy to use, but usually paid.
  • Simple animations can be created by using authoring tools (for SCORM content creation) or even tools meant for creating presentations.
  • Animation uses visual language which usually contains diagrams and symbols.
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